Lineweight LLC Patents

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Name Patent No.
Adaptive Vest System (AVS) 6892392; 8353065; 8056191
AirFlex Combat Knee Pads D602210
AirFrame Chops 8490214
AirFrame Helmet 9494388
AirFrame ATX Helmet 9494388
AirLite Chest Rig 9173436
AirLite Plate Carrier EK01 9173436
AirLite Plate Carrier EK02 9173436
AirLite Plate Carrier EK03 9173436
AirLite Plate Carrier EK04 9173436
AVS Low Profile Belt 8397312
CAGE Armor Chassis 6892392; 8353065
CAGE Plate Carrier (CPC) 6892392; 8056191
Combat Elbow Pads D602210
Combat Knee Pads D602210
Combat Shirt AC 7636948
Combatsuit FR 8819865
Flightsuit 8819865
GunClip 8544706
G3 All Weather Combat Shirt 7636948
G3 Combat Shirt 7636948
HalfJak Insulated 9060553; D655894
High Back Belt 8397312
High Back BLAST Belt 8397312
Low Profile Belt 8397312
Low Profile BLAST Belt 8397312
Low Profile Chest Rig 9055773
MagClip 8485405
MultiCam VA1942951
MultiCam Alpine VA1902825; VA1902830
MultiCam Arid VA1902827; VA1902831
MultiCam Black VA1902826; VA1902828
MultiCam Tropic VA 1902832; VA1902829
Six12 8839709; 9062922
Skeletal Cummerbund as seen on the JPC and JPC 2.0 9055773
StKSS 9185964